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Preliminary communication

The death of Emperor Franz Joseph reported in Dalmatian newspapers (November – December 1916)

Tado Oršolić orcid id ; The Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Institute for Historical Sciences in Zadar, Zadar, Croatia

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The paper analyses the echo of the death of the Austro-Hungarian Emperor and King Franz Joseph in the province of Dalmatia through numerous articles and news published in Dalmatian newspapers. The news of the death of Emperor Franz Joseph on November 21, 1916, one of the longest-reigning Habsburg and European rulers, was published in all the newspapers in the country. Dalmatian newspapers also wrote about it, among which the most read should be mentioned, such as Smotra Dalmatinska and Objavitelj Dalmatinski (fortnightly) official state newspaper. Narodni list, Dan, (weekly) Naše jedinstvo (daily newspaper, except Sunday) were popular local newspapers, and Hrvatska kruna (fortnightly) and Prava Crvena Hrvatska (weekly) were party newspapers. On that occasion, the papers wrote articles about his character and work, the last days of his life, his illness and finally, the very moment of his death. In the next few days (two weeks) the newspapers published various articles about Emperor Franz, his life (short or long biographies), political activity, news of his death from other journals, telegrams of condolences sent by various politicians, instructions to state and administrative institutions about mourning in the state and province of Dalmatia, his will, funeral proceedings, memorial masses in Dalmatia and mourning in various Dalmatian places and cities, as well as other minor notices related to the death of Emperor and King Franz Joseph. Beside the death of the old emperor, the newspapers also wrote about the crowning of his successor the new emperor and King Charles I, publishing his biography in the process. Analysing the articles published in Dalmatian newspapers, the media mirrored the reflection of the general social situation manifested on the occasion of the death of Emperor Franz. As he had the status of a beloved ruler among a considerable part of Dalmatian people, all Dalmatian newspapers in unison wrote eulogies about the emperor and his rule, which was to be expected given the general social empathy.


death of Emperor Franz Joseph, Dalmatian newspaper, 1916, Narodni list, Smotra Dalmatinska, Objavitelj Dalmatinski, Dan, Hrvatska Kruna

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