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Professional paper

Issues and consequences of the risk of exposure to asbestos

Marinko Đ. Učur

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In numerous companies asbestos was used in the production or realization of the registered business activity, so workers working for these employers were exposed to the risk of the consequences of such work. For some of these workers, the consequences were devastating because asbestosis and other diseases deteriorated their health. Many employers closed down their businesses and some of their legal successors have been out of business since 2005 when asbestos was banned. A serious problem (large number of social cases) is how to compensate (if at all possible) workers who have been exposed to asbestos. States act as the "guarantor" of payment of cash benefits as a form of compensation. The Republic of Croatia is bound by national and regional regulations (ILO Conventions, EU directives), as well as by national regulations governing these issues and relations. The regulations are in force and they form the legal basis in often elaborate and demanding court processes in which financial considerations determine the resolution. Namely, consequences of exposure to asbestos can occur even as late as 30 or 40 years after exposure. The aim of this paper is to shed light on the gravity of the social and legal aspects of this issue.


asbestos exposure, consequences, compensation, regulations and relations

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