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Review article

Faith and Pastoral Care

Alojzije Čondić orcid id ; Catholic faculty of Theology, University of Split, Split, Croatia

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The basic pastoral challenges imposed by secularization include religious indifference, i.e. the reduction of religious life and incoherence of church feelings. If faith is taken to be the way by which salvation can be achieved, then faith and its application in life refer to the essence of the Church and her mission. Accordingly, the writer, in a theological-pastoral way of evangelical judgment, based on scientific research, connects the relationship between faith and pastoral care in church life, in Europe and Croatia, and then talks about the causes and reasons for the decline of faith and churchliness. Analysing the cultural context of Croatian society and pastoral work, he speaks of faith as a gift of grace, for which a gentle atmosphere should be continually created so that faith may multiply as fruitfully as possible among the faithful. The writer of the article then proposes pastoral guidelines on the necessity of pastoral metanoia and the way to deepen faith and churchliness.


churchliness; faith; pastoral care; culture reason; evangelization; proclamation

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