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Review article

Genderism – New Form of Totalitarianism

Ivan Poljaković orcid id ; University of Zadar, Department of Maritime Studies, Zadar, Croatia

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Genderism is a new emerging concept referring to the mainstream political agenda that imposes a positive view on the culture of death, such as contraception, abortion and gender ideology. A brief description of the cause and development of this new totalitarianism is given, as well as its particular features. Its expansion incurred in three phases: the sexual revolution, the right to abortion, and gender theory. It has been asserted that genderism, albeit with totally different tools and characteristics than previous totalitarianisms, will have and already has destructive consequences for society as a whole. This paper submits evidence for the lethal outcomes caused by the spread of genderism and warns against its huge impact in the future, not only for individuals, but for nations as well.


genderism; culture of death; contraception; abor­tion; gender theory

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