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Review article

Philosophy of history by Konstantin Leontiev

Hrvoje Vuković ; Faculty of Philosophy and Religious Sciences, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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This paper elaborates on the Philosophy of History by Konstantin Leontiev, a Russian philosopher and writer. In its essence, Leontiev’s work focuses on the organic Theory of the Triune Process. In accordance with the philosophy of history, he suggests a political doctrine which should govern Russia’s new attitude towards the West and its values, since he perceives Russia as the Ancient Byzantine. This approach is meant to protect Russia against the liberal-egalitarian process which Leontiev regards as the last stage in the natural and inevitable extinction of the Western civilization. Moreover, Leontiev refers to the contemporary nationalist movements of other Slavic peoples, demands caution against the hazards of then dominant Slavophilism and advocates Russia’s alliance with other Asian nations.


Byzantinism; Slavdom; Slavism; Triune Process; Russia; Philosophy of History

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