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Original scientific paper

Fuzzy Logic Approach for Routing in Internet of Things Network

Reena Pingale ; Sinhgad College of Science, S. No. 9/1/5 and 9/2/4, Off West. Bypass Highway, Ambegaon (BK.), Pune - 411041, Maharashtra, India
S. N. Shinde ; C.M.C.S. College, Udoji Maratha Boarding Campus, Near, Gangapur Road, D. K. Nagar, Nashik, Maharashtra 422013, India

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A performance of network is evaluated by considering different parameters. The network lifetime depends on many factors Residual energy, Link lifetime and Delay. The Major Challenge in IoT is to the increased lifetime of low power and lossy network (RPL).The process considering input and output to evaluate Network performance by considering the above factors. The proposed system makes use of FIS (Fuzzy Inference System) for selecting the best path to maximize network lifetime. The outcome obtained by using MATLAB and Network performance is increased. The excellent route is selected if Residual Energy is 194, Link quality is 51.2 and Delay is 1.05 then excellent route quality is 73.4%.


fuzzy logic; Internet of Things (IoT); link lifetime; reliability; residual energy

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