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Original scientific paper

German Protestants in the Moslavina and Bilogora Regions - Part I: Ethnic-Confessional Background and Settling in the Area

Vatroslav Župančić ; Institut für Osteuropäische Geschichte und Landeskunde

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The article researches the migrations of German Protestants in the area of Moslavina and Bilogora after the issuing of the Protestant Patent and religious liberalization in the second half of the 19th century. First, we research the regional background of the settlers (colonists), and we go on to follow the development of their church communities and parishes. Aft er this, we describe the specific settlements with an absolute or relative German Protestant majority, as well as the historical circumstances of their church organization. Finally, we use sources, literature, and oral history (i.e., interviews) as we research the processes of migration and evacuation of German settlers and Protestants from those parts, as well as the destinies of their pastors and
preachers during and after WWII. Due to the scope of the research, the article was divided into two parts. In part 1, the emphasis is on migrations, the settlers’ confessional background, and the founding of the first two large parishes in the region, and after that, we describe other parishes and their branches, their development, and stages of abandonment, as well as the description of their final spiritual workers’ activities.


Germans, Moslavina, Bilogora, the Ilova river valley, Protestants, settling

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