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Autumn fertilization of grapes and olives

David Gluhić orcid id ; Poljoprivredni odjel Poreč, Veleučilište Rijeka, Hrvatska

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Grapes and olives are the two most important fruit crops in agricultural production in Croatia. About 40,000 producers are engaged in the cultivation of vines, while 20,000 producers are engaged in the cultivation of olives. As these are perennial woody crops, autumn fertilization is very important to supply the vines and olives with the necessary nutrients for growth and development in the next vegetation cycle. An important prerequisite for proper fertilizer application is soil analysis to determine soil fertility and compile a proper fertilization plan. There are different types and formulations of fertilizers on the market for autumn fertilization of vines and olives.


Grapes, olives, autumn fertilization, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter

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