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Original scientific paper

The Nexus between Social Media Marketing Activities and Brand Loyalty in Hotel Facebook Pages: A Multi-Group Analysis of Hotel Ratings

Blend Ibrahim orcid id ; Girne American University, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management. Department of Tourism, Kyrenia, North Cyprus, Turkey

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This study advances research on social media marketing activities (SMMA) and brand trust by empirically exploring their relationships with brand loyalty, and purchase intention, among a representative cross-section of five-star (5) hotels and four-star (4) hotels Facebook profiles in Kyrenia City (Northern Cyprus). The data gathered for this research adds to our understanding of today's social media marketing as a new-generation marketing tool. This study also tests for the mediating effect of brand trust and the moderating effect of hotel ratings (five-star/four-star) on the proposed relationships. Based on 407 customers that were surveyed, the results indicate that SMMA did have a positive effect on brand loyalty, purchase intention, and brand trust. Hotel ratings (five-star/four-star) moderate the link between SMMA and brand loyalty; however, the link between SMMA and purchase intention was moderated by hotel ratings (five-star/four-star). The results showed that hotel ratings (five-star/four-star) made no difference at the model level. Therefore, the multi-group moderating effect of hotel ratings on the measurement model was tested at the path level. Lastly, the mediation outcome of brand trust was partially supported. Thus, consequential recommendations have been put forward.


social media marketing activities; brand loyalty,; purchase intention; brand trust; hotel facebook pages; hospitality industry; Northern Cyprus

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