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Ana Petak orcid id ; Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Fakultet hrvatskih studija, Zagreb Hrvatska
Sanja Narić orcid id ; Neuropsihijatrijska bolnica Dr. Ivan Barbot, Popovača, Hrvatska
Roberta Matković orcid id ; Nastavni zavod za javno zdravstvo, Služba za mentalno zdravlje, Split, Hrvatska

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Key words: mental health; mental health difficulties; attitudes; stigmatization
The implementation of modern approaches that seek to deinstitutionalize traditional psychiatric services is hampered by unfavorable attitudes of the community towards people with mental disabilities. Stigma is one of the most important factors that delay seeking help and negatively affects the quality of life of people with mental health problems. The research was conducted to describe attitudes towards people with mental health problems and determine their relationship with socio-demographic variables, information, and personal experience with mental health problems. There were 108 participants aged 21 to 59 (71% female, 64.5% college and university degrees). The Community Attitudes toward Mental Illness scale (CAMI) (Taylor & Dear, 1981) and a survey questionnaire were used online. Participants have generally benevolent attitudes toward all dimensions of the scale. Higher self-assessment of knowledge about mental health problems leads to more favorable attitudes towards authoritarianism, and younger age to less social restraint. Participants with a high school diploma have more negative attitudes towards the dimensions of authoritarianism and benevolence than participants with a university degree. There are no significant differences in attitudes regarding the experience of seeking mental health support, but on the authoritarian dimension, there is a significant interaction effect of being informed and mental health support seeking. The results indicate the importance of further research into the relationship between attitudes and mental


mental health, mental health difficulties, attitudes, stigmatization

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