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Original scientific paper

Lexical archaisms in some Western Shtokavian dialects

Marinka Šimić ; Old Church Slavonic Institute, Zagreb

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The paper presents and analyses lexical archaisms. i.e. Old Church Slavonic words in certain Western Shtokavian dialects on the basis of the written materials, or works of Fr. Petar Bakula, Fr. Martin Mikulić and Ivan Sopta, as well as some remnants in speech. This refers primarily to Western Shtokavian Ikavian dialect of Široki Brijeg, Grude and their vicinity. The paper gives examples from the mentioned writers' works including the meaning and etymology if it is known. It sometimes also gives parallel examples from the Croatian Glagolitic manuscripts. Thereby, the introduction speaks about features of the selected dialects at the lexical level and points out their peculiarities.


Western Shtokavian dialects; Chakavian dialects; lexis; archaisms; Old Church Slavonic language.

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