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Review article

Does religion make you healthy? Conclusions from empirical religious psychology

Johannes Panhofer ; Department of Practical Theology, Universität Innsbruck, Innsbrück, Austia

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Self-care wants to perceive one's own needs and aims to maintain one's own physical and mental health. Whether religion and spirituality are sources of (mental) health and personal well-being or rather a risk, is highly controversially discussed. On the one hand individual experiences and on the other ideological trench warfare, shape the dispute. This paper sets the discussion on an “objective” basis by presenting evidence-based conclusions from various studies. So the rediscovery of the healing power of religion and spirituality becomes visible. Nevertheless, mindfulness is necessary and certain criteria are required so that religion can develop its healing power. But the evidence-based studies make visible: religiousness in different cases and psychical situations is not the same! We have to find out when, where and why religiousness has a constructive or destructive effect.


religious psychology, mental health, resource, healthful factors, risk factors

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