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Review article

Caring for our vulnerability and resilience during the Covid-19 pandemic

Sanda Smoljo-Dobrovoljski ; Catholic faculty of Theology, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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The time of the Covid-19 pandemic can be described as a time of unexpected, intense stress due to which human vulnerability and psychological (in)resilience emerged at the top of the iceberg. Prolonged uncertainty, insufficient knowledge of the course, mutations and consequences of the disease combined with emotional, social, spiritual and economic constraints have affected the person's sense of self and the environment, as well as the perception of living in a time of stable instability.
Starting from Christian anthropology, the purpose of the paper is to sensibilize and actualize the care of one's own vulnerability and resilience, especially in the postmodern era when man predominantly cares for the cult and aesthetics of the body, and the interiority remains neglected. The appearance of various pandemics and phobias - the pandemic of mental disorders, the phenomenon of coronaphobia - the mass fear of Covid-19, are just some of the significant signs that should be imperatively read as a call to return to oneself and strengthen intrapsychic and interpersonal capacities.
In addition to analyzing and diagnosing the mental state at the time of Covid-19, the purpose of this paper is to explore the sources of vulnerability from the psychological and spiritual dimension in order to indicate the path how to accept and integrate one's own vulnerability and strengthen psychological and spiritual resilience.
The paper is divided into 4 parts: the first part analyzes the situation during the coronavirus pandemic, the second part explores the dynamics of vulnerability from the psychological-spiritual dimension, the third part deals with resilience, and the final part provides guidelines for strengthening psychological and spiritual resilience.


Covid-19 pandemic, stress, vulnerability, resilience, integration

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