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Original scientific paper

Wittgenstein’s Turn from Models to Modeling

Kristijan Krkač orcid id ; Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Zagreb, Croatia
Josip Lukin orcid id

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We present a solution to the difference between Wittgenstein’s use of model in TLP and modeling in PI, RFM and OC by means of analysis of the difference in word choices and concept descriptions of the phenomena in his remarks. The method we used is conceptual analysis of Wittgenstein’s treatments of scientific models and modeling. Additionally, textual analysis and textual comparison are used in the study of his major remarks on the subject. Given the discovered difference between model and modeling and the continuity of dependence of both concepts on the concept of picture, with the difference between picture and picturing implied, we suggest that Wittgenstein tried to incorporate his old concept of model into the new concept of modeling. The explicated difference and incorporation contribute to the clarification of the issues of Wittgenstein’s indirect and direct influence on philosophy of science (especially on Toulmin, Hanson, Kuhn and Feyerabend).


model; modeling; philosophy of science; Philosophical Investigations; science; Tractatus Logico–Philosophicus; Wittgenstein

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