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Original scientific paper

Black Mirror, Enhancement and the Impossibility of Forgetting

Miša Đurković orcid id ; Institute of European Studies, Belgrade, Serbia

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Modern cognitive and experimental science is increasingly working to explore the meaning and importance of forgetting. Forgetting is one of the most important mental functions on an individual level, but also on a social and national level, since it enables healing, purifies the mind of difficult memories, prevents obsession with problems, and eliminates the possibility of psychosomatic illnesses.
The famous British TV series Black Mirror, which has become a symbol of the challenges that modern and futuristic technology brings to man, deals with the problems that arise due to the obsession of the gadget culture with abolishing forgetting through technological enhancement. Several episodes are based on gadgets that expand the potential of memory and make it constantly available to other subjects, in the way that data from a person’s entire history become available. In a dialogue with Brooker’s ideas, the author re–examines the problems spawned by this future society without forgetting, and searches for possible solutions.


Black Mirror; Charlie Brooker; enhancement; forgetting; memory

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