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Original scientific paper

Strategic Management and Crises Management as the Main Pillars of Recovery in the International Tourism and Civil Aviation Transport

Jindřich Ploch ; College of International and Public Relations in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
Monika Palatková ; College of International and Public Relations in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

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Tourism and air transport are among the sectors most affected by the covid-19 crisis.
The pandemic lasting almost two years has been reflected in short-term effects in
both sectors, but there are also serious long-term consequences including the impact
on quantitative and qualitative employment change. National authorities will have to
set recovery plans in accordance with the relevant policies and in international
cooperation with public and private entities. The aim of the paper is to identify a set
of strategic and crises measures to recover the international tourism and
international civil aviation transport in the context of the long-term human resource
management and the optimisation of future quality and quantity of human
resources in both mentioned sectors. These strategic recommendations are intended
for application in national tourism and transport policies. The methodology of the
paper is based on current statistical data and strategic documents at the national and
international level represented by the international organisations (esp. UNWTO,
WTTC, IATA, ICAO, ECAC). Attention is focused on crises management of the public
sector entities in terms of the definition and implementation of reconstruction
strategies, on private sector stakeholders, on the interconnection of the tourism and
air transport sectors, as well as cooperation in the international environment.
Methods and tools for the renewal of both sectors are based on a strategic approach
of the public sector, support for the introduction of new business models in the
private sector, change in the product and marketing mix, digitization, innovation and


international tourism, international civil aviation transport, tourism and transportation policy, crisis management, strategic management

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