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Review article

Antiplatelet Therapy in Cerebrovascular Diseases

Frederic-Ivan Silconi

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Antiplatelet therapy has been used in clinical practice for many years in patients with acute coronary syndrome, stroke or other cerebrovascular diseases. Taking in consideration the benefits of these drugs, on rare occasions they may cause life threatening complications. The use of different antithrombotic drugs has been quite confusing so there is a need to create guidelines in order to facilitate the decision-making process. Of course, in addition to the existing guidelines, it is necessary to consider the benefits and possible risk for each patient individually. Such an approach may lead to dilemmas related to each individual drug based on recommendations. This review tries to give a cross-section of the current situation in antiplatelet therapy.


stroke; antiplatelet therapy; monotherapy; dual therapy; acetylsalicylic acid; clopidogrel; ticagrelor

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