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Original scientific paper

The Slovene Paremiological Optimum: New Empirical Research Tools and the Augmentation of the Field of Minimum-Oriented Research

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The article presents the main results of an online survey and corpus research of Slovene paremiological units and discusses how paremiological units of modern origin are gathered. Some practical examples of the advantages of an optimum are given. An overview of the top 50 units of the Slovene paremiological optimum and their English equivalents touches upon the question of describing shares of units with a common motivation as “high” or “low”, while a comparison of genetically close languages – Slavic languages in this case – points towards a broader context. The article also discusses how the field of minimum-oriented research can be expanded by taking different socio-linguistic criteria into account. Lastly, it argues that the use of spoken corpora could lead to an even more holistic optimum in the future.


paremiological optimum; paremiological minimum; paremiological unit; online survey; corpus-based research; paremiological lemma; Slovene language; Slavic languages; paremiological equivalents; empirical paremiology

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