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Peter’s justification of his mission to the Gentiles in Acts 11: 1-18

Mato Zovkić ; University of Sarajevo - Catholic Theological Faculty, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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At the level of Luke’s historical addressees, Peter’s justification of his socializing and eating with converted Gentiles was an impetus to Jewish Christians to be open towards converts who were Gentile by origin. C. Lukasz in his dissertation on Acts 10,1-11,18 interprets the Cornelius event in Acts as Luke’s invitation to new interpersonal relations in the community of baptized Jews and Gentiles due to God’s salvific intervention revealed in Jesus Christ. Some exegetes see in this Cornelius episode an impulse towards ecumenical contacts and cooperation. Reading Peter’s homily in Acts 1:11-18 in the light of contemporary missio ad gentes, we should look in it for the stimulation to missionary activity that is part of the role of testimony and that is essential in order to be a disciple of Christ in our time. This activity makes the Church an apostolic community and a sacrament of salvation in Christ the universal Savior. It is the permanent task of Christian pastors and all baptized men and women. The author concludes his reflections with the inspirational opening prayer of Holy Mass for the evangelization of peoples, form B.


Luke’s historical audienc; socialization with converted Gentiles; missio ad gentes; circumcision; ritual purity; sacrament of salvation in Christ the universal Savior

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