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Original scientific paper

“They Think We Have No Ears” – Muslim Women Immigrants’ Experiences in Germany

Omar Mizel ; Ono Academic College, Kiryat Ono, Israel

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The continuous debate in the West about women wearing a hijab in the public sphere excludes the women themselves and does not enable a fair discussion of the topic. This study aims to benefit Muslim women by bringing their experiences to the forefront and providing them with an opportunity to voice their distress without concern. The study examines the experiences of Muslim women immigrants in three cities in Germany. These women experienced exclusion and felt marginalized, and believed they were unjustly treated in the public sphere, which purports to be liberal and enabling. Nevertheless, these women preserved their Muslim-Arab identity. The study recommends, among other suggestions, to display the Muslim women immigrants’ culture, showing where they live and establishing shared educational settings for German and Muslim girls and women.


hijab, Islam, Germany, immigrants, public space

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