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Original scientific paper

The Youth Shall Inherit the Earth? Supranational Identity-Building in Socialist Yugoslavia and the EU Compared

Mario Munta orcid id ; Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb
Stevo Đurašković ; Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Zagreb
Miloš Kovačević orcid id ; Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Zagreb

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This article focuses on the intention of Youth Labor Actions in former Yugoslavia ‎and the European Solidarity Corps in the EU to contribute to the creation ‎of a Yugoslav and European supranational identity respectively. It does‎ so by analyzing the programs’ evolution, ideological underpinnings, but also ‎implementation modalities. The article argues that both programs, despite being‎ developed in different historical periods, nurtured a similar spirit of solidarity‎ and the idea of work for the common good. Both have had a comparable ‎tendency to create and maintain supranational identities in subtle, but at ‎the same time formalized ways. While following the same principal idea, they‎ differ in the context in which they emerged, their treatment of national identities‎ and the type of ideological baggage they carried. Creation of Yugoslavs‎ ultimately failed, while creation of Europeans is still pending, aggravated by ‎EU’s poly-crisis, politicization of European integration and clashing conceptions ‎of identity within the EU.‎


Youth Labor Actions; European Solidarity Corps; Yugoslavia; European Union; Supranationalism; Identity; Youth Programs

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