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Original scientific paper

Meandering Limits: The Danube Border Dispute Between Croatia and Serbia and Ways to Its Resolution

Thomas Bickl ; European Parliament

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This single-case study seeks to provide an in-depth analysis of the territorial‎ dispute between the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Serbia over the ‎State border along the Danube. The research article will look into the historical ‎roots of the conflict and its current context of the EU accession process‎ of Serbia addressing (i) the dispute in substance, e.g. the positions of Serbia‎ and Croatia, (ii) available dispute settlement tools – bilateral (with or without ‎third-party mediation) or third-party judicial, and (iii) delimitation scenarios ‎of the Danube border both in the bilateral mode and in the light of the jurisprudence‎ of international courts and tribunals. The study demonstrates that it‎ does indeed take some political will to overcome the protracted conflict, and ‎addresses the related focal points. The article is based on interviews, internal ‎documents, decisions of international courts and tribunals, and secondary literature.‎


Croatia; Serbia; Danube; EU Enlargement; Dispute Resolution

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