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Original scientific paper

Žanko and Marulić

Josip Ante Soldo

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Dušan Žanko (1904-1980) was author of literary essays and theatrical reviews, manager of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb (1941-1943), emergency envoy of the second order of the Independent State of Croatia to France and manager of various cultural organisations. After the collapse of the Independent State of Croatia he emigrated to Argentina (1948) and then to Venezuela (1954), where he took interest in library science and won several awards for his work.
From 1947 on Žanko kept a diary which now extends to more than 90 notebooks.
Among other things, it contains a brief sketch for a study on Marulić, written in 1957 and published here for the first time. It is interesting that Žanko, earlier than others, in 1950s advanced the thesis that Marulić was to be viewed not only against the narrow background of the national culture, but also against that of the European cultural scene of the 16th century.


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