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Radiocarbon dating of three sewn boats from the ancient port in Zaton near Nin – a revision of the existing analyses

Dušanka Romanović ; Arheološki muzej Zadar, Zadar, Hrvatska
Ines Krajcar Bronić orcid id ; Laboratorij za mjerenje niskih radioaktivnosti, Zavod za eksperimentalnu fiziku, Institut Ruđer Bošković, Zagreb

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The method of determining the age using the radioactive isotope of carbon 14C is one of the most commonly used methods of determining the absolute age of archaeological artefacts of biological origin. An inspection of the Ruđer Bošković Institute database revealed that a total of four samples from the ancient period from Zaton were analysed, two samples from the boat Zaton 1 and one sample each from the boats Zaton 2 and Zaton 3. They were dated in the range from the middle of the 3rd century BC to the middle of the 2nd century AD. The paper presents a revision of the radiocarbon analyses of three sewn boats from the ancient port in Zaton near Nin, and the results after the dendrochronological calibration of the conventional 14C age.


Zaton; sewn boats; age determination; 14C; dendrochronological calibration

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