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Preliminary communication

Heraldic themes in the Vjestnik Kraljevskog hrvatsko-slavnonsko-dalmatinskog zemaljskog arkiva / Arhivski vjesnik (19th-21st century)

Tomislav Galović orcid id ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences University of Zagreb

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The Croatian historiography has only few periodicals that were founded i.e. started back in the 19th century, but more importantly, that have been  published continually in the following periods, until today. Extremely  important place among such periodicals belongs to the Vjestnik Kr.  hrvatsko-slavonsko-dalmatinskog Zemaljskog arkiva (The Herald of the Royal-Croatian-Slavonian-Dalmatian Land Archives) in Zagreb, which was founded in 1899 by the honourable Ivan Bojničić-Kninski (1858 – 1925), with the help of Emilij Laszowski. Bojničić was also its first editor-in-chief. The periodical changed its name several times and since 1958 it has been published under the name Arhivski vjesnik – Bulletin d’archives (Archival Herald), as a scientific and professional annual i.e. a specialised periodical  of archival institutions in the Republic of Croatia for the fields of archival  science, auxiliary sciences of history, information science and  communication science, as well as related sciences. Since the publisher and the headquarters of this journal has always been associated with our most important national archival institutions i.e. the Croatian State  Archives, the journal is the source of numerous studies and articles from the wide field of historical science, particularly from the auxiliary sciences of history. This was also emphasized in the first editorial of the journal (“Naša zadaća” (“Our task”), I/1899, p.2) with the following words: “(…) 3.  This also includes the scientific interpretation of archival records i.e. the entire vast and interesting field of palaeography and diplomatics. It also includes heraldry, genealogy and sphragistics, if they are of use to the  domestic history”. Since the auxiliary sciences of history in Croatia did not have their own unique specialized publication (for a short while and only for some of them there existed Vitezović – mjesečnik za genealogiju, biografiju, heraldiku i sfragistiku I/1903-1904, II/1905; and Glasnik heraldike – časopis za grboslovlje, rodoslovlje, životopis i pečatoslovlje, I/1937, II/1938), it meant that journal was the focal point for publishing  papers regarding epigraphy, palaeography, diplomatics, chronology, egdotics, sphragistics, genealogy, heraldry etc. This paper will examine and present the heraldic themes in The Herald of the Royal Croatian-Slavonian-Dalmatian Land Archives i.e. Archival Journal during a very wide timeframe from the 19th to the 21st century. It will also point out the role and importance of its editor-in-chiefs, as well as numerous archives employees who were also renowned experts in heraldry and other  auxiliary sciences of history, namely, Ivan Bojničić, Emilij Laszowski, Josip Matasović, Josip Buturac, Bartol Zmajić and Petar Strčić.


Vjestnik Kraljevskog hrvatsko-slavonsko-dalmatinskog Zemaljskog arkiva; Arhivski vjesnik; auxiliary sciences of history; heraldry; Ivan Bojničić Kninski (1858 – 1925); Emilij Laszowski (1868 – 1949); Josip Matasović (1892 – 1962); Josip Buturac (1905 – 1993); Bartol Zmajić (1907 – 1984); Petar Strčić (1936 – 2019).

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