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Original scientific paper

Aḥwāl, Divine Simplicity, and Truthmakers

Behnam Zolghadr orcid id ; Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

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This paper is a comparative study between Brower’s solution to the problem of divine simplicity and that of Abū Hāšim al-Ǧubbāī (d. 933). First, I argue that the theory of aḥwāl is a semantic theory rather than a metaphysical one. Then, I present a reconstruction of Abū Hāšim al-Ǧubbāī’s theory of aḥwāl, based on Brower’s truthmaker theory of predication. Then, I show how Abū Hāšim would reply to some of the objections that Saenz raised against Brower’s truthmaker theory of divine simplicity. Later on, I discuss Abū Hāšim’s explanation of the similarities between the properties that God and creatures share.


Abū Hāšim; divine simplicity; truthmaker; the theory of aḥwāl properties

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