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Original scientific paper

The Beginnings of The Croatian Army NCOs Education During The Homeland War

Ante Nazor

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The first Army Non-Commissioned Officer School was founded as a part of Croatian Military College that developed from the Army Officer Center, Zagreb. AOC started with its 3-month and 6-month educational programs in February 1992, and this first period ended by the November 1992. This paper focuses on the officer and NCOs education programs (program plans, course schedules and contents) and the organizational problems, human resources, material and technical difficulties the AOC faced during this period. The paper also discusses the beginnings of NCOs education performed (according to the plans of the Education Directorate of the Croatian Armed Forces Main Headquarters) outside the AOC, such as the courses performed at the Army Training Centers in November 1992. The story of the beginnings of the NCOs education (during 1991 and 1992) presented in this paper is not complete, as additional archival documents remain to be researched.


education, NCOs, Army Officer Center, Croatian Army, pupil, education plan and program

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