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Original scientific paper

Zadar Inhabitants − Cavaliers of Saint Mark (17th Century)

Lovorka Čoralić ; Hrvatski institut za povijest, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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In the history of the Venetian Republic Cavalieri di San Marco were the only knightly order and numerous Croats had the honor to serve as Venetien cavaliers. On the basis of material from the Venetian State Archive (Archivio di Stato di Venzia, fond: Cancelleria inferiore: Cavalierui di San Marco, Privilegi) the introductory part of the article describes the part played by Croats in the Venetian cavaliers. The central part of the article aims to analyze the charter of naming Zadar noblemen caavliers of Saint Mark. The documents derive from the 17th century and the Zadar cavaliers from the families Bortolazzi, Calcina, Detrico, fanfogna, Grissogono and Rosa are discussed in chronological order. The motivation and reasons for their naming are explained in the documents in which they are promoted to Venetian knightly dignitaries. Most frequently these are individuals who excelled in the Venetian military service or were noted as ambassadors-orators of the Zadar municipality on the occasion of the inaugurating the new doge. In the end the article presenta a copy of the charters of naming Zadar patricians as cavaliers of Saint Mark.


Dalmatia, Zadar, Venetian Republic, military history, social history, early Middle Ages, cavaliers of Saint Mark

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