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Original scientific paper

Supracondylar Fractures of the Humerus in Children Caused by Traffic

Igor Lekšan
Vasilije Nikolić
Tomislav Mrčela
Ivan Lovrić
Jozo Kristek
Robert Selthofer

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A sample of 38 patients aged under 14 treated at the Surgery Clinic of the University Hospital Osijek has been used in
showing therapeutic guidelines supported by patients’ functional status after the completed treatment. The patients suffered
from supracondylar fractures caused by traffic accidents and classified into three types according to Gartland. Not
a single patient with neurocirculatory disturbances has been registered. The most common treatment was a conservative
one while more than half of the patients with fractures from type III underwent surgery. The duration of immobilization
approximated three weeks whereas patients’ recovery considering their functional status has justified the choice of the
treatment. However, a lot can be done in the field of prevention, which would greatly decrease the frequency of such injuries.


supracondylar fracture; humerus; children; traffic

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