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Stereotypy in the Portrayal of Female Characters in Genealogical Cycles of William Faulkner and Miroslav Krleža : Eula Varner Snopes and Charlotta Castelli -Glembay

Biljana Oklopčić ; Faculty of Philosophy, Osijek, Croatia

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Defined as genealogies, Faulkner’s Snopes trilogy (The Hamlet, The Town, The Mansion) and Krleža’s
Glembay trilogy (Gospoda Glembajevi, U agoniji, Leda), together with corresponding short stories
and novels, share a whole array of common characteristics. One of them is the stereotypical
characterization of women characters. This point of view is justified by the appearance of Eula
Varner Snopes as the ravished Southern belle and the rehabilitated Dixie Madonna and Charlotta
Castelli-Glembay as the Nietzschean cat woman and femme fatale.


genealogy; Miroslav Krleža; William Faulkner; stereotype; Eula Varner Snopes; Charlotta Castelli-Glembay

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