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Original scientific paper

Characterization of Bronzes by Abrasive Stripping Voltammetry and Thin Layer Chromatography

Šebojka Komorsky-Lovrić
Alka J. M. Horvat
Danijela Ivanković

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Corrosion potentials of five samples of bronzes having different compositions and the stripping peak potentials of their main components were determined by abrasive stripping voltammetry. Using thin-layer chromatography in combination with electrochemical dissolution of bronzes in the two electrode sampler, the ions of tin, copper, lead and nickel were detected as the products of electro-oxidation of bronzes. It is shown that the dissolution of tin is preferential at low potential differences between the electrodes in the sampler, while the electro-oxidation of copper is significant only at a potential difference higher than 8 V.


voltammetry of micro-crystals; abrasive stripping voltammetry; thin-layer chromatography; bronze; paraffin-impregnated graphite electrode; electrochemical dissolution of alloys

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