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Original scientific paper

Electrochemical Detection of Gel Microparticles in Seawater

Vesna Svetličić
Eric Balnois
Vera Žutić
Jean Chevalet
Amela Hozić Zimmermann
Solveg Kovač
Neda Vdović

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page 107-113

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We present the first atomic force microscopy (AFM) images of the native marine gel network and a new type of electrochemical signals of individual gel microparticles in seawater. Gel microparticles in seawater are selectively detected through specific amperometric signals using a dropping mercury electrode (DME) as a sensor. We have demonstrated that organic microparticles naturally present in Northern Adriatic seawater can be detected as single particles and sorted at the DME/seawater interface according to their hydrophobicity and supramolecular organization.


microparticles in seawater, electrochemical detection, gel microparticles, AFM of marine gel

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