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Original scientific paper

Streamlining the delivery of military education through the distance learning method

Darko Ščavničar ; National Military College, Slovenian Armed Forces

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The purpose of the research is to analyse the current data and experience of the Slovenian Armed Forces’ E-Learning Centre, and to examine the possibility of increasing the positive impacts of distance education by introducing it into the regular forms and programmes of education in the Slovenian Armed Forces. Based on the results of the data analysis and the experience of the E-Learning Centre and the estimated financial impacts, it can be confidently stated that the introduction of distance education has been financially beneficial for the Slovenian Armed Forces. The savings achieved so far have more than justified the development and construction of the SAF’s own e-learning capabilities. The results of the US analysis also speak in favour of the use of the distance learning method in military education. The introduction of the distance learning method in the military education system shows the positive impacts of e-learning in its integration into the regular forms and programmes of education in the Slovenian Armed Forces. It increases the likelihood of the successful implementation of digital transformation of education programmes, and guides education providers to address key content challenges.


distance learning; e-learning; education methods; streamlining; positive impacts; information technology

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