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Zlatko Ivan Juras

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The enactment of plays (i.e. role-plays) follows from the sum of the cognitive-emotional-volitional experiences in the various constellations of these three moments of play - this corresponds to the stimuli of the development of children”s personality in the diversity of developmental moments. The unity of these three moments occurs during the enactment of plays (i.e. role-plays), in which the horizontal partnership aspects of experience and the unfolding of vertical generational pedagogic models emerge. The playing and realisation of the educational models or the experience stimuli acquired through plays take place in role-play.
Role-play is the most genuine field of the authenticity and expression of the personality ofchildren, in which general generational pedagogic experiences are synthesised by the peculiarity of the plays through all the possible situations that are real in the plays (i.e. role-play). The macro-world is realised and enacted in the micro-world of plays, with which the former enters the current reality of children widening the horizons of their existence proportionately to each and every new role in the process of its absorption (which is comparable to psychodrama, i.e. a socio-metric method used for therapeutic purposes). Realising personality as dialogue and self-consciousness, role-play has educational and therapeutic moments that, in the synthesis of a play situation, promote socialisation and, at the same time, individualisation.


Children; game; role

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