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Original scientific paper

Influence of mainland China’s industrial structure evolution on the development of Cross-Strait trade: the grey relational analysis (2011–2020)

Xiangling Wu
Xiayan Li

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Because of the complex and special political relationship between
Mainland China and Taiwan. Cross-Strait trade is influenced by
many variables, there has been a view that trade relations
between Mainland China and Taiwan are more influenced by political
factors. However, between the Cross-Strait, the trade volume
has generally shown an upward development trend, especially
since 2001. Therefore, the political factors can hardly explain the
facts, and economic factors, especially industrial structure factors
in Mainland China play an important role in Cross-Strait trade.
Based on the small sample data since 2001, this study employed
Grey Relational Analysis (GRA) method to verify the evolution
of Mainland China’s industrial structure and Cross-Strait trade.
Based on the results show that the evolution of Mainland China’s
industrial structure strongly impacts the development of Cross-
Strait trade. The tertiary industry has the strongest correlation
with Cross-Strait trade, followed by the secondary and primary
industries. Furthermore, the evolution of the mainland’s industrial
structure will expand as well as accelerate the imbalance of
Cross-Strait trade.


Cross-Strait trade; grey correlational analysis; tertiary industry; secondary industry; primary industry

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