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Devotional objects discovered during the archaeological excavations of the church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Gora

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During the archaeological excavation of the Church of the Assumption
of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Gora, a total number of
426 graves of various burial horizons were researched and documented.
However, only four graves can be dated to the latest,
that is post-Ottoman, horizon of the 18th century with certainty,
on the basis of the finds from the graves, primarily the devotional
objects. All four of the graves had males with poor pathology
buried in them, indicating continuous hard labour and poor living
conditions. The number and quality of the finds from grave
253 especially stand out; aside from the very rare devotional objects,
it also contained a stock buckle that was discovered on the
back of the deceased individual’s neck, the first such published
find from a closed grave unit in Croatia. Aside from the objects
discovered alongside the deceased individuals, this paper also
analyses those finds discovered outside closed grave units, listing
many analogies across Europe. The archaeological excavation
in Gora yielded five religious medals, three crosses and eight
rosary beads altogether, while grave 297 yielded an object whose
shape is reminiscent of a breverl.


early modern period, cemetery, Gora, Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, devotional objects, religious medals, crosses, rosary beads, breverl, stock buckle

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