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Original scientific paper

The Croatian Health Survey – Patient's Satisfaction with Medical Service in Primary Health Care in Croatia

A. Babić-Banaszak
L. Kovačić
M. Mastilica
S. Babić
D. Ivanković
A. Budak

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page 449-458

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The aim of the study was to investigate patient satisfaction with nurses and general
practice organization in Croatia. A total of 2,252 patients 18 years of age and over from
47 randomly selected general practices were included in the study. 72.1% of patients
were satisfied with nurses and general practice organization. Older and less educated
patients were generally more satisfied. Patients were more pleased with nurses’ behavior
(81.9%) than with practice organization (62.3%). Factor analysis revealed two underlying
discriminates of patient satisfaction – »positive attitude towards the nurse«
and »inaccessibility of practice«. The former discriminate emphasized a great potential
of nursing, which should be taken into consideration in the transformation of health
care system in Croatia.


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