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Preliminary communication

Prehistoric sites on the island of Hvar: new insights about Vela Glava and Liković hillforts

Marina Ugarković orcid id ; Institute of Archaeology, Zagreb, Croatia
Eduard Visković orcid id ; Kantharos Ltd, Hvar, Croatia
Martina Korić orcid id ; Institute of Archaeology, Zagreb, Croatia
Pio Domines Peter orcid id ; Senj, Croatia
Antonela Barbir orcid id ; Institute of Archaeology, Zagreb, Croatia
Martina Čelhar ; Department of Archaeology, University of Zadar, Zadar, Croatia

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Specific prehistoric hillforts on Hvar are among the focuses of research in the second year of the project of the Croatian Science Foundation called Transforming the Adriatic cosmos: insularity, connectivity and glocal identities of pre-Roman Dalmatia (CSF, UIP-2020-02-2419, AdriaCos), which aims to study the multi-layered cultural identities of the island of Hvar and the relationship between Greek settlers and local communities in a multicultural atmosphere of connectivity and intertwining. A field survey of the Liković hillfort in the municipality of Sućuraj, and trial excavations at the Vela Glava hillfort above the town of Hvar, collected archaeological artefacts that testify to certain aspects of life on the hillforts during the later periods of prehistory (Bronze and Iron Age).


island of Hvar; hillfort sites; Bronze and Iron Age; Liković; Vela Glava

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