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Original scientific paper

Mapping of the Socio-Semantic Network of the Arhitektura Magazine (1931-1934)

Tajana Jaklenec orcid id ; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture, Zagreb, Croatia *
Željka Tonković orcid id ; University of Zadar, Department of Sociology, Zadar, Croatia

* Corresponding author.

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Networks serve as a metaphor for understanding various phenomena in humanities, encompassing the circulation of ideas, people, and artifacts. This research employs network analysis, drawing from H. C. White’s concept of netdom, to capture social and language patterns within Ljubljana’s Arhitektura magazine from 1931 to 1934. Its objective was to map the socio-semantic network of the magazine, assisting in discerning relationship and expression patterns within Yugoslavian architecture discourse of the 1930s, aligned with the principles of “new architecture”. Methodologically, the research has entailed text analysis using natural language processing techniques and quantitative network analysis, revealing three types of networks: a bimodal network of authors and issues, individual semantic networks of authors, and a socio-semantic network. This has resulted in 18 networks. Despite a simplified text processing model and trivial architectural concepts, common language among contributors is detected, pointing to mutual connections in architectural expressions and actors’ social ties. Arhitektura was not the sole platform for discourse creation; however, the conducted network analysis has confirmed that the nature of the magazine embodies the concept of netdom switching, where identities are formed and altered through transitions between netdoms, shaping and changing those identities over time. Furthermore, this research illustrates how network analysis can offer actionable insight into historical phenomena, as well as its applicability in understanding social and cultural dynamics.


digital humanities; history of modern architecture; natural language processing; network analysis; socio-semantic network analysis

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