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Original scientific paper

Housing and Housing Systems in Western Countries

Gojko Bežovan ; Studijski centar socijalnog rada, Pravni fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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In this paper, the author deals with the problems of, and the environment for the development of housing policy in Western countries. There is an analysis of the main interventions of the state in housing policy. The development of housing and the institutionalisation of housing systems have depended on a large number of political, economical and social factors. The author explains the main typology of housing systems and different housing policy strategies. The development of housing systems is closely related to different types of welfare state. Statistical information illustrates the housing problems and housing standards in these countries. Then, there is a conceptual framework for an analysis of housing systems. The last part of the paper deals with the development and importance of housing finance institutions. In the nineties, housing systems are faced with new developmental challenges.


housing, housing systems, housing policy, housing indicators, housing costs, housing finance institutions

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