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Professional paper

Postextraction pain treatment possibilities

Davor Katanec
Ana-Marija Blažeković
Zoran Ivasović
Božidar Pavelić
Tihomir Kuna

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Postextraction pain or alveolitis sicca dolorosa is a complication which appears after tooth extraction, usually in the molar region of the lower jaw. In this paper two methods were compared: conservative and surgical-conservative method. The research was carried in order to establish which method is more advantageous and more effective. The pain treatment lasted for one year. Thirty patients were treated and each of them were separately conducted during three weeks after the treatment. Fifteen patients were submitted to conservative therapy, and fifteen others to surgical-conservative therapy. The results (tables and charts) show that both methods are effective and that both methods lead to symptom termination. However, surgical- conservative method appeared to be more effective, because in
the first seven days after the therapy, approximately 75% of the patients no longer had alveolitis symptoms.


alveolitis, postextraction pain, conservative therapy, surgical- conservative therapy

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