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Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry University of Western Australia

Zvonimir Kaić

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At the beginning of December 2002 I visited the School of Dentistry in Perth, Western Australia. The town of Perth was founded in 1829 and lies on the mouth of the river Swan on the coast of the Indian Ocean. Today the town has around 1.200.000 inhabitants, who live in several satellite towns. Economically it is the administrative centre for the State of Western Australia, which has approximately 2.200.000 inhabitants. More than 30.000 of them are Croats or their descendants, and most originate from Dalmatia, the islands or from the Dalmatian hinterland. The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of the University of Western Australia in Perth, which encompasses five universities, became an integrated institution on 1st January 1994. The School of Dentistry, originally the School of Dental Science, was established in 1946, and the School of Medicine in 1956. Both are included in the structure of the University of Western Australia.


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