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Original scientific paper

Structural model for prediction of AIDSpreventive behavioral changes

Radmila PRIŠLIN ; University of San Diego, San Diego
Dean Ajduković ; Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb
Marina Ajduković ; Faculty of Law, Zagreb

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A structural model for prediction of AIDS-relevant behavioral
changes in young people was developed and evaluated by using
full information maximum likelihood estimates obtained from
LISRELVII computer program. Exogenous variables in the model
are: soci o-economic status, demographic status, and age. The
model holds that these variables determine AIDS-relevant knowledge
and attitudes, which in turn cause perception of personal
susceptibility to harm. The latter variable causes AIDS-preventive
behavioral changes. The model was tested on four independent
samples, each consisting of N=200 young individuals. Six out of
seven goodness-of-fit indices suggest acceptable fit of the model.
Implications for AIDS-prevention programs are discussed.


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