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Vladimir Knapp ; Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Zagreb

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ln the article the author reports on the 40eth anniversary of the
Pugwash Movement, which has through international conferences
on science and global issues earned affirmation as an important
international factor and communication channel amongst
scientists. The top priorities of debates and cooperation were
nuclear armament issues, nuclear danger and other relevant problems
of global development. The Pugwash Movement was especially
influential in the period of the cold war, the Berlin crisis, the
Cuban crisis, the invasion on Czechoslovakia etc. Based on
discussions within the Movement the following international
agreements were drafted and signed: on the non-proliferation of
nuclear weapons, the partial ban on nuclear explosion experiments,
the treaty banning the use of anti-ballistic missiles, the Convention
on biological warfare. Croatian scientists gave an important
contribution to the Pugwash Movement through activities and
debates on Pugwash issues by gathering round the Eneye/opaedia
Moderna and the HAZU Institute for the Philosophy of
Science and Peace. In recent years the Croatian Pugwash group
has issued appeals to its colleaques worldwide informing them
about the events in Croatia and its attempt to take part in the system
of European security. Following up the changes in international
affairs, the Pugwash Movement now has new priorities in its
scope of activities, from environmental issues to the conversion
of military industries.


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