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Subsidiarity in the Croatian Media Sphere. Problems and Possible Actions

Jerko Valković ; Theology in Rijeka, Dislocated Studies of Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Zagreb, Rijeka, Croatia

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The media sphere in Croatian society is a complex area constituted of numerous media and various institutions but also consumers of news - to whom messages are directed to. However, they are not just passive recipients of media content. Starting from the person as the goal and origin of subsidiary action, the author first deals with the person as the subject of media sphere - emphasizing some of its rights: the right to information and participation in public opinion. The media must be in the service of affirming these fundamental human rights through informing and offering an opportunity to participate in public life, i.e. developing a dialogue.
In the second part, the author deals with the relationship between various forms of media and examines the position of journalists within the internal hierarchy of their particular employer. Speaking of the media sphere in Croatia, two problems are particularly manifested: commercialisation of the media sphere and creating a point of concentration that threatens pluralism and the imperative of efficiency and profit as a constant threat to a journalist's autonomy and profession, which can lead to questioning the ethics of journalism itself. By presenting the legal provisions that regulate relations within the media and respecting individual competencies, the author points out the sensitivity of contemporary society regarding these issues.


subsidiarity, right to information, public opinion, monopoly, journalist, ethics in journalism

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