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A Historical Survey of Lecturing of Biblical Studies and of the Oriental Languages at the School of Theology in Đakovo

Marko Tomić

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The aim of this article is to give a historical survey of lecturing and to present professors (lecturers) of biblical studies and oriental languages at the School of theology in Djakovo since its foundation in 1806 to present days. This subject was usually treated as a part of the rich history of the Diocesan Seminary in Djakovo.
This analysis, based primarily on the non published protocols and records of the professors' sessions since the year 1806 to our days, tends to accentuate the most important stages in the development of the biblical science and in this light emphasizes the rolle of diferent lecturers which, duringlg 190 years exercised the office of teaching
biblical studies and oriental languages. It is planned as first in the series of such reaserches of our rich heritage in this field, too.
The research leads to a conclusion that the School of theologv since its beginnings in 1806 and during its long and rich history functioned according to all state and scclesiastical regulations- respecting obligatory programs, methods and manuals. The lecturing of the oriental languages gives evidence of a solid accademic training of its professors. Considering the programs and the accademic skills of its
different professors ther research comes to a precise conclusion that this School was not behind similar institutions of its time. It is the matter of fact that tis School was always an integral part of the "Accademic World" of Central Europe.


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