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The Bible and Morality According to The Document of The Pontifical Biblical Commission

Anto Popović ; Franciscan Theology - Institution of Higher Education of Franciscan Province Bosna Srebrna, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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This article presents and evaluates the latest document released by the Pontifical Biblical Commission - The Bible and Morality. The article consists of seven headings. The first heading, »Description of the contents of the document« presents a brief review of the contents of the actual document. The second heading divides the theological and practical focuses of the document. The third heading brings a review of Cardinal W. Levade's preface and the Introduction of the Biblical Commission's document. The fourth heading reviews the first part of the document: (Revealed Morality: God's Gift and Man's Response /Nr. 7.91). The fifth heading reviews the second part of the document (Some Biblical Criteria of Moral Reflection /Nr. 92-154) and the sixth heading reviews the General Conclusions /Nr. 155-1621 of the document. The seventh heading presents a conclusive evaluation of the document. The objective of the article is to point out the significance and currentness of this latest document by the Pontifical Biblical Commission - The Bible and Morality.


The Bible and Morality; Pontifical Biblical Commission; Revealed morality; alliance; Decalogue; New Testament; Eucharist

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