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Review article

Provisional Aesthetic Crowns on a Dowel/Post

Adnan Ćatović
Davor Seifert
Marina Katunarić

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Provisional crowns are used as a means of protection for a tooth or teeth on which permanent prosthetic therapy is performed. Their function is multiple: biological, aesthetic and mechanical.
The paper presents the case of a female patient with insufficiently filled root canal of the upper middle incisor, and an incorrectly placed
and erroneously indicated prefabricated dowel. After extraction of the
dowel, three methods are presented for construction of an aesthetic
crown on a dowel, serving as a provisional crown during endodontic
and permanent prosthetic therapy.
The presented methods for construction of provisional work with intraradicular anchorage represent possible guidelines for an aesthetic
approach to combined endodontic and prosthetic therapy of frontal teeth.


provisional work, crown on a dowel, frontal teeth

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