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Original scientific paper

Oral Mucosa Status of Patients Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment

Marinka Baranović ; Department of Oral Medicine, School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb
Marinka Mravak-Stipetić ; Department of Oral Medicine, School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb
Denis Baričević ; Department of internal medicine, Clinic of pulmonary diseases Jordanovac, Zagreb, Croatia
Marijan Baranović ; Department of Oral Surgery, General Hospital, Slavonski Brod, Croatia
Adrijana Čimić ; Bayer Schering Pharma, Bayer d.o.o, Zagreb, Croatia
Alka Blažević ; Private orthodontic practice, Slavonski Brod, Croatia

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Objective: The aim of this study was to examine the impact of oral hygiene and the type of orthodontic appliance on oral mucosa in orthodontic patients. Methods: The study included 110 children, aged between 6-18 years (60 subjects were wearers of fixed and removable orthodontic appliances and 50 subjects were control group
who had just been referred to orthodontic treatment). A degree of oral hygiene, dental status, and periodontal status as well as the intensity of inflammation of oral mucosa was recorded in all subjects by using verified clinical tests. Results: The frequency and intensity of inflammation were reversely proportional to oral hygiene degree (p<0.05). The controls had poorer oral hygiene findings. Only a small number of fixed orthodontic appliance wearers had inflammatory changes of higher intensity (5%). A significant correlation between oral mucosa inflammation and type of orthodontic appliance was not found. Conclusion: Orthodontic appliance wearers had better oral hygiene and less frequent inflammatory changes than controls.


Mouth mucosa, Orthodontic appliances, Periodontal index

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