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Original scientific paper

Kinetic Determination of Arsenic(III) as Inhibitor of Victoria Blue 4R Oxidation in Strong Acid Solution

Violeta D. Mitić
Snežana D. Nikolić
Vesna P. Stankov-Jovanović

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A new selective, sensitive and simple kinetic method was developed for the determination of As3+ traces in solution on the basis of their inhibiting effect on Victoria blue 4R (VB) oxidation by KBrO3 in the presence of HCl. The reaction was followed spectrophotometrically at 596.3 nm. The detection limit was 50.00 ng cm–3. The relative error vas 4.2 % to 1.5 % for As3+ in the concentration range from 80.00 to 350.00 ng cm–3. Also, appropriate kinetic equations were formulated and the influence of different ions upon the reaction rate was studied. The developed procedure was successfully applied to the determination of As3+ in various model and real samples.


As3+ determination; kinetic determination; Victoria blue 4R

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